Ethics in Counseling

Code of Ethics of PGM Foundation - ZA & Counseling Network

PGM Foundation - ZA belief in God, the Father, who created and sustains us, Jesus Christ, the Son, who redeems and rules us, and the Holy Spirit, who guides us personally and professionally through God's inspired Word, the Bible, and our infallible guide of faith and conduct, and through the communion of Christians.

As a Christian Counselor who have committed myself to the guidelines prescribed by PGM Foundation and the Word of God, I vow to uphold the following principles in my dealings with people who come to my aid and entrust the sensitivities of their lives to my care.

I commit my service, whether as professional or layperson, to God as a special calling.
I commit myself to Christ as Lord as well as Savior. Thus, direction and wisdom from God will be sought, while accepting responsibility for my own actions and statements.
I view my body as the temple of the Holy Spirit and will treat it lovingly and respectfully. Balance in my priorities and activities will be prayerfully sought.
Clients will be accepted regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, income, education, ethnic background, value system, etc., unless such a factor would interfere appreciably with my ability to be of service.
I value human life, the sanctity of personhood, personal freedom and responsibility and the privilege of informed free choice by adults in matters of belief and action.
I will avoid exploiting or manipulating any client to satisfy my own needs.
I will abstain for any unnecessary or prurient invasion of privacy.
Sexual contact or sexual exploitation, both covert and overt, with any client will be scrupulously avoided.
I will demonstrate utmost respect for the confidentiality of the client and other persons in a professional or pastoral relationship.
I will carefully protect the identity of clients and their situations. Thus, I will avoid divulging information about clients, whether privately or publicly, unless I have received freely given, informed consent of the adult client or legal holder of confidentiality privilege for minor clients, in the form of expressed, written permission and the release of such information would be appropriate to the situation.
All records of counseling, teaching and research will be handled in a way that protects the clients and the nature of their situations from disclosure.
I pledge to be well trained and competent in providing services.

I will refrain from implying that I have qualifications, experiences and capabilities, which are in fact lacking.

I will comply with applicable state and local laws and regulations regarding competency in the counseling and pastoral professions.

I will diligently pursue additional education, experience, professional consultation and spiritual growth in order to improve my effectiveness in serving persons in need.

I will do my best to be aware of my human limitations and biases.  I admit that I do not have complete objectivity or spiritual maturity.  Thus, I also will Endeavour to establish and maintain a relationship of mutual accountability with another Christian colleague or mentor.

I will avoid fostering any misconception a client could have that I am omnipotent, or that I have all the answers.

I will refer clients whom I am not capable of helping, whether by lack or available time or expertise, or because of subjective, personal reasons.

I will resist efforts of any clients or colleagues to place demands for service on me that exceed my qualifications and/or the time available to minister, or that would impose unduly on my relationship with my own family, other persons or God.

Recognizing that no ethical guidelines are complete, I make my day-to-day decisions based on these criteria and principles prescribed by PGM Foundation and on the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I will do my best to serve and to live in a way that is congruent with the stated basic principles of these guidelines and with my faith as a Christian.