Life Background of Gawie J Le Roux

Gawie was born in Graham’s Town in the Eastern Cape. In the beginning of 1970,

his parents were transferred to Cape Town where they have established themselves.

Gawie completed Grade 10 in 1981 at The De Grendel School in Milnerton Cape Town and continued to complete Grade 12 with Intec College in 1999. Gawie was called for Military service at the army Gymnasium, Heidelberg Gauteng in January 1982.  During his military service he shared a room with a person who was a member of the local AFM Church. Gawie can remember that this person asked him to attend services with him but Gawie was not prepared to attend services as he belonged to the Dutch Reformed church at that stage.  One day he decided to attend a service. This was a new experience for him as he was not familiar with the dogma and practices of a Pentecostal church but did not want to do anything about it at that stage in his life.

After Gawie completed his Military service at the end of 1983 he went to Pretoria to start with his training as an artisan. While busy with his training he also completed a course to give Sunday school at a local Dutch Reformed and gave Sunday School classes for a period of two years.  At that stage he did not know that the Lord called him for service, but something was still missing. In his last year of artisan studies, they had a special project at Macadodorp in Mpumalanga.  Here he met somebody who was a member of the PPC Church and was asked to attend some of the services with him. While there Gawie attended some of these services.

One Wednesday the Pastor’s word had a special meaning but Gawie was not aware that God spoke to him. That weekend they went back home. On their way back to the project on the Monday morning 22 September 1986 Gawie realised that God spoke to him about his life.

After work he decided to see the pastor of a local assembly and explained the problem to him and was helped to become a reborn Christian. After completion of the project, they returned to Pretoria and Gawie realised that he must be baptized and took it up with the local pastor at the PPC Church Bergsig Pretoria Assembly.

Gawie was baptized on the 09 November 1986. The following day he did his final test as an artisan at Olifantsfontein in Pretoria. In early December 1986 Gawie was informed that he passed his trade test and that he was transferred to Nelspruit in early 1987. With the first service in Nelspruit he was baptized with the Holy Spirit 07 January 1987. During this time Gawie was still aware of the calling to be in the Lord’s Service. In the beginning of 1988 Gawie enrolled to the Bible School All Africa school of Theology and completed his Diploma in Theology in 1990.

During his practical training he worked at the local missionary and helped to minister to the local African people. Late in 1990 he became a member of a local AFM Church in Nelspruit. His interest in Evangelism work led to a completion of a course in the Kingdom Advance Ministry Training program as a Director in Discipleship & Evangelism.

Gawie’s involvement with this program ended in 1999.  He then realised that God was sending him people with counselling needs.  In August 1992 he accepted a job offering within Department of Correctional Services. He started providing counselling services on a regular basis.  He found that Theologos School of Ministry presented courses in counselling and attended correspondence courses to complete the certificate in Counselling at the end of 1999. He completed the Advanced Diploma subjects in Counselling between 2001 – 2014.

Gawie also completed an Advanced training course in Trauma Counselling at the University of Pretoria and a Certificate in Pastoral care & Counselling with Community Care at The University of Pretoria.

These courses helped him to develop his Counselling Ministry and he also received a Biblical confirmation.

Matthew 28:19 “therefore go and make disciples of all nations…” and Philippians 2:4 “Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others”.

Gawie was then transferred to Cape Town in October 2001 and was involved in the counselling Department of the PPC Lakeside Assembly until the end of July 2016. During 2008 he registered as a Counsellor with the Association for Supportive Counsellors and Holistic Practitioners in South Africa and registered a private Counselling Practice during August 2008 which is functional from 15 December 2008. During 2013 Gawie attended a preparation Course for ordination and has been Ordained in December 2013 as a Minister of the Gospel.

Gawie believes that he can make a difference in other people’s lives, within the guidance’s of the Holy Spirit.